Why Me? Understanding Karma – Saturday November 16 at Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries DG1 1JQ

10.30 – 1.30pm

Cost £15 to book please Click Here

Venue: Gracefield Arts Centre, 28 Edinburgh Road, Dumfries DG1 1JQ

Why me? Sometimes our problems and misfortunes seem unfair and unjustified.

By gaining an understanding of the law of Karma, we can learn to accept difficult situations and create the causes for our future success and peace of mind. Instead of feeling frustrated about the way life turns out, understand how to create the future you wish for. On this half day course, you will discover the causes that create happiness and those that create problems, difficulties, and unhappiness. If we live within the wisdom of karma we can become confident about the future, relax about the present and let go of guilt about the past.

Everyone is welcome. No meditation experience needed.